My research interest focuses on network structures and their connection with different interaction systems such as the disease spreading system or the nervous system. I completed my Ph.D. in Statistics in May 2020 at Michigan State University under the direction of Dr. Ping-Shou Zhong. My Ph.D. dissertation focused on developing new statistical methods in estimating and testing network structures for high-dimensional data sets. At Michigan State University, I also worked in various projects in different disciplines such as biology, healthcare, or agriculture under the roles of a statistical consultant and a research assistant. I am currently a postdoc fellow at the Onnela lab of the Harvard  T.H. Chan School of Public Health. Under the direction of Dr. Onnela, I focus on developing statistical methods in the intersection of Approximate Bayesian Computation and Statistical Network Sciences. In my free time, I enjoy swimming, practicing martial arts, and meditating.


  • Michigan State University, USA

             Ph.D., Statistics, 2020

  • Ho Chi Minh City University of Science, Vn

             M.S., Probability, 2011

  • Quy Nhon University, Vn

             B.S., Mathematics Pedagogy, 2008

Thien Minh Le